#6 In Our "Cloud Revenue Producer Experience" Webshop Series - Next Up: "Digital Marketing 101 And The 5 Steps To Build Your Digital Marketing Machine" - Wednesday August, 21 1:00-1:45 PM ET

The buyer is now in control - it's called the buyer's journey. They (including your existing customers) are searching and buying - do you have a digital presence? If no you don't exist! 

In this webinar we'll go through the 5 steps, as well as offer a FREE digital marketing assessment. 

  1. Have you defined your value prop, personas and business outcomes focused cloud solutions?
  2. Do you have a digital marketing enabled website?
  3. Do you have remarkable persona facing content?
  4. Do you have SaaS tools for automation?
  5. Do you have the required resources to make it all work?

Featured Webinar Speakers:

Todd Hussey

Founder and CEO CSBexcellence

During his entire career Todd has been in the tech software start up business that has included 2 IPO's and 5 acquisitions growing these business from $0-100m+ in 30+ countries including working with telcos, MSPs and CSPs. Today, with CSBexcellence, he takes that pure tech start up experience and helps telcos, cloudy MSPs, CSPs and SaaS ISVs start and grow their recurring revenue cloud business which often includes our Digital Marketing-as-a-Service as a Hubspot Gold Partner.

Steve Slaughter

National Channel Manager Appsmart

Steve Slaughter
Steve Slaughter has helped companies achieve business outcomes through cloud services and SaaS applications for 15 years. As a national channel manager at AppSmart he helps partners understand and deliver outcomes to the qualified customer base. Steve is also passionate about building new partnerships and enabling his network to build profitable cloud businesses with a solid monthly recurring revenue model