NeoCloud and CSBexcellence Partner to Deliver Digital Marketing-as-a-Service

Posted by Todd Hussey

Dec 7, 2017 9:19:12 AM

A few major disruptions have recently occurred in the technology and business world,

  • Cloud computing has emerged to become the most dramatic technology evolution in the past 20 years since when the internet first emerged in the 90’s. At it's core, one of the main benefits cloud provides businesses is the ability to deliver "business outcomes" to Business Managers.
  • The internet and cloud have teamed up to cause the demise of the traditional marketing and sales playbook where “interrupting” prospects is (was) the name of the game. Today the buyer is now in control of the sales process known as the buyers’ journey, 1. awareness, 2. consideration 3. decision. Marketing and sales is now executed in the digital world and according to IDC, 65% of B2B buyers have already researched and made a purchase decision before they contact a sales rep.
  • Technology purchases have moved out of the IT department to the Business Managers of an organization. According to Forrester 65% of new technology decisions are made by Line of Business Managers looking for cloud-based solutions to help achieve their desired business outcomes. Cloud Solutions Providers (CSP) are taking the lead in providing cloud-based business outcomes solutions to these Business Managers.

So it makes complete sense that NeoCloud, a leading Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), and CSBexcellence, a Hubspot Gold partner, team to meet the "business needs" of NeoClouds clients and partners to capitalize on Digital Marketing and Sales in a cloud-based “as-a-service” model. 

Van Murray, CEO, NeoCloud states, "This is a perfect partnership for both our business clients and partners. NeoCloud is a Cloud Solutions Provider,

  • delivering business outcomes focused cloud bundles and managed services to both the IT staff and Business Managers at our clients is a major focus of our business
  • creating a profitable CSP business model for our partners is a key differentiator for us

Our partnership with CSBexcellence fills a significant demand of the Business Managers that are now accounting for 65% of all new technology decision and buying cloud based business applications"

In this partnership NeoCloud brings their years of experience delivering business-outcomes focused cloud technologies and services from the top cloud vendors and CSBexcellence brings it’s Digital Marketing and Sales experience and services as a Hubspot Gold partner.

Want to learn more about how NeoCloud and CSBexcellence can bring your marketing and sales into the digital world?


And if you're a VAR, MSP, CSP, telecom agent, manufacturers rep (if you have a pulse) and want to introduce "Digital Marketing-as-a-Service" to your clients and make some great Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) let's chat!!!


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