Digital Marketing for Cloudy IT Solutions Providers - Problem Solved!!

Posted by Todd Hussey

Oct 12, 2017 8:12:37 AM

Yes, the cloud world is heating up. And an even more resounding yes to the marketing world heating up - even more? And for the cloud-focused IT Solutions Provider it's a double whammy!! How the hell is a cloud-focused IT Solutions Provider going to execute on this new world of marketing (let's call it marketing 2.0 for the heck of it) required to add great recurring revenue cloud business?

Well, if you are $50m cloud-focused IT Solutions Provider, and you dedicate 1% of revenue to marketing 2.0 - probably not a problem. With $500k you can dedicate the staff and tools to execute on the marketing 2.0 basics,

1. create remarkable content - not shit content - but remarkable content

2. create and execute on campaigns to promote that content

3. optimize for results

And a good chunk of that $500k is going to creating that remarkable content and consistently.

But, what if you're one of the many, many thousands of $1-5m cloud-focused IT Solutions Providers out there? What do you do?


1% of a $2m business = $20k or $1.7k a month - that's not a big budget to exectute on marketing 2.0. Guess what - creating remarkable content is going to eat up that entire budget. Then what? No promotion or optimization?

What if you could cut your remarkable content creation costs by 75% - animated explainer video, blogs, email scripts, eBooks, webinar PPT, social posts, etc????

Brilliant! Now you have budget to actually promote then optimize that remarkable content!!

Take a look at what I mean.

  scenario a and b.png

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