78% Of Digital Marketing Agencies Are Getting Into The Tech Consulting Business - And Teaming With Tech Providers Is A Big Win For Everyone Including Your Customers. Join Our Webinar And Learn More. - Tuesday, March 23 1:00-1:40 PM ET 

                                     How You Make Money
"The real revenue and margin for the partner is not in selling the SaaS license alone, it comes from add-on technologies and professional services for every $1 the customer spends on the SaaS license - "Ranging between $4.65 and $9.00 for every dollar sold, the opportunities to wrap additional hardware, SaaS, and services around cloud projects are where partners can grow revenue and profit most effectively" - Jay McBain, Forrester, Principal Analyst Partners and Ecosystems

In this webinar you will learn,

  • The tech revolution is lead by SaaS - it's mind-boggling
  • Why Digital Marketing agencies are well positioned to make high margin revenue in tech/SaaS
  • How Digital Marketing agencies and tech partners work hand in glove together
  • What customers are looking to achieve today with tech/SaaS
  • A mini-customer case study 

All attendees will receive a FREE 1:1 consultation showing you how you can make a lucrative business around SaaS.

Featured Webinar Speakers:

Todd Hussey

Founder, SaaS Ecosystem and Business School

My career has been in the tech software start-up world in Senior Sales and Marketing roles that have included 2 IPO's and 5 acquisitions growing these business from $0-125m+ in 35+ countries working with telcos, MSPs, SI's, CSPs, etc. providing training and content to build a lucrative MRR business. Since 2011 I have focused on helping Cloud/SaaS Vendors and Partners build a lucrative Cloud/SaaS business.

Joe Romello

Co-Founder, SaaS Ecosystem and Business School

My years of hands-on real world experience and expertise is in guiding organizations, large and small, delivering digital transformation, as a CxO, Advisor, Consultant. Expertise in delivering the changes necessary to bring organizations into the 4th Industrial Revolution – the Digital World based on the 3 principles of People, Process and Technologies. My role today is to enable partners to do the same for their clients.