The SaaS Ecosystem and Business School

Posted by Todd Hussey

Apr 6, 2021 1:04:16 PM

"SaaS is eating the world and we are living in year one of the Partner Ecosystem decade"
Today we are formally announcing our SaaS Ecosystem and Business School

CloudRevenuePartners Introduces The SaaS Ecosystem And Business School An Industry First SaaS Education, Training, Certification and Partner Ecosystem
The SaaS Ecosystem and Business School come at a time where there is an intersection of SaaS dominating the technology industry, the emergence of the Partner Ecosystem economy, as well as the dire need for all customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey.
Boston, MA – April 6, 2021 - CloudRevenuePartners, the industry thought leader and provider of SaaS business building, education and training announces the SaaS Ecosystem and Business School (SEBS).

The SaaS Ecosystem and Business School bring together today's new Influencer/Consultants, SaaS ISVs, Tech Service Providers, and Customers all to receive education, meet, network, collaborate, and partner together in our SaaS Ecosystem and also receive formal training, tools, certification and content in our SaaS Business School - Let's all get "SaaS Smart".

“We have seen brands double-down on direct sales and marketing investments such as CRM and marketing automation over the past 20 years. With over 75% of world trade flowing indirectly, Forrester believes the third stage of enterprise growth will revolve around paving the last mile to the customer through partners and alliances. That last mile will require partners to have the education and training to deliver immediate value to customers and help them achieve their desired business outcomes - Jay McBain Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems Forrester Research, Inc.

The SaaS Ecosystem and Business School enable multiple partner types and customers to “partner with partners” and also receive formal training and certifications,
Influencer/Consultants - whether you are a Digital Marketing Agency, Accounting Firm, Business Insurance Broker, Gig worker, consultant, in-transition professional, etc. you are a perfect fit to build a lucrative business delivering business consulting services around SaaS as a Business Outcomes Analyst - no tech experience needed.
SaaS ISVs - that realize the channel partner model is evolving rapidly where partnerships with Ecosystems, Influencer/Consultants along with Modern MSPs all acting as Business Outcomes Analysts are an essential mix to meet the new buyers' demands and behavior and your business goals.
Service Providers - MSPs, VARs, Telecom Agents, etc that want to capitalize on the largest segment in cloud computing and deliver business outcomes SaaS solutions and your own high margin One-Time Revenue and Monthly Recurring Revenue Managed services as Business Outcomes Analysts.
Customers - that want to become Business Outcomes Analysts and deliver SaaS and services to drive desired business outcomes and Digital Business Transformation within your organization.
"As a Tech Solutions Provider selling to Business Managers is very unfamiliar to me. As a member of the SaaS Ecosystem and Business School, I’ve been trained that it’s not really selling at all, it's a methodical discovery process of not talking tech but having open discussions to fully understand their desired business outcomes. The teachings and support from Joe Romello, Co-Founder of the SaaS Ecosystem and Business School is providing immediate value to Triton Communications helping us pivot our business to help our customers progress along their Digital Transformation journey" - Darrin Akita Triton Communications

Joe Romello, Co-Founder and I created the SaaS Ecosystem and Business School aka SEBS to make it as simple and frictionless as possible to help customers achieve their desired business outcomes in today’s digital business world and fulfill the dreams of all partner types to add value to their customers and build their next-gen business” Todd Hussey, Founder CloudRevenuePartners and SEBS

The SaaS Ecosystem and Business School is available now at
Here is a 90-second animated explainer video also





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