IT/Telecom VAR, MSP, Agent - You Tell Me You Want To Get Into The Cloud ASAP - How To Start

Posted by Todd Hussey

Dec 19, 2017 12:44:55 PM

So now you finally admit - you want to be in the cloud – and you want to be there NOW – smelled the coffee did you?

Wonderful but………………

Your Business Model
Have you assessed your technical core competencies, the market and competition to determine the type of cloud provider you should be including your initial value proposition and target end customer and partner personas, researched potential cloud technology vendors to partner with, created a business structure model to support your cloud business and created a pro forma 3-year recurring revenue model?

Your Recurring Revenue Financial Model
Have you run recurring revenue financial model scenarios including pricing and margins of cloud solutions, OTR (One Time Revenue), MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and margin model, sales productivity, COC (Cost of Customer acquisition), COS (Cost of Service delivery) and overall profit model scenarios?

Your Cloud Solutions Offerings
Have you selected vendors to help you build, create and manage your cloud solutions, identified cloud solutions that you have expertise in to base your cloud bundles on, selected individual cloud and managed services to create bundles and calculated pricing and margin analysis of each bundle?

Your Marketing and Sales 2.0
Have you determined your marketing and sales model - direct vs indirect, a marketing and sales productivity model, built a website and content that reflects your value prop and target personas and a digital marketing and sales model, programs and content to dive leads and sales for the required low CAC marketing and sales 2.0 function?

Your Recurring Revenue Metrics-that-Matter
Have you identified performance metrics required to building a profitable recurring revenue cloud business, you have selected several MtMs to track and focus on such as OTR, MRR , COS, margin, deal profitability, customer churn etc

All of this is not nearly as daunting as you may think.

How ready are you to becoming a profitable cloud provider? Want to know? 

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And if you're a VAR, MSP, CSP, telecom agent, manufacturers rep (if you have a pulse) and want to introduce "Digital Marketing-as-a-Service" to your clients and make some great Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) let's chat!!!


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