How to Look Like a ModernMSP

Posted by Todd Hussey

Jul 11, 2016 5:18:46 PM

There is all of a sudden a lot of hoopla around the "ModernMSP" - the latest title being applied to what many been calling the CSP or CSB or next-gen MSP. From what I can see the teams at Microsoft and BitTitan (and maybe others) are leading the charge here - and I like it - seems fitting to me.  But that's a title only - the vast, vast majority of IT Solutions Providers are not ModernMSPs - they just aren't - not even close. The vast majority of IT Solutions providers aren't even MSPs let alone ModernMSPs - although many call themselves MSPs. But that's all OK. Simple definition of a ModenMSP - a "cloud-first" IT Solutions Provider that is making their business from cloud - how's that for simple.

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Topics: business models, CSB, MSP

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